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At RISE Services, Inc., we make the licensing process easy with the help of our Licensing Workers. Whether you are becoming a foster parent or applying for Professional Home-Based Care, the licensing process is the same and is standardized by the state of Texas.

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As a foster care agency for children ages 12 - 17 who need treatment level care, we provide specialized training for all our foster care parents. Many of these children require a high level of care, and we do our best to devote both the support and training needed for you to be a successful foster parent.

Foster Care Licensing Texas
  1. Contact us with your interest.
  2. Orientation to the process and the program.
  3. Schedule an intake/interview with RISE.
  4. Competency-Based Treatment Foster Care training.
  5. Interview for home study.
  6. Home inspection conducted.
  7. Required paperwork completed and submitted.
  8. Upon completion of all the above, you will receive your foster care license.


Our goal is to make the licensing process as simple as possible and to provide you with the tools you need to become a thriving foster parent. We keep our caseloads low so we can spend as much time as needed with our foster families. Our case managers are all licensed therapists and remain on-call 24/7 for the various needs of our foster children and parents.

For more information on becoming licensed as a foster parent, contact us today.

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